What’s New This Week 6.1.15

Hi, again. Let's just get one thing straight: I do not like being told what to do...especially when I'm the one doing the telling. I can want to do something, but this funny thing happens when I tell myself I need to or should do it. It kills it for me and I stick it to the man (in … Continue reading What’s New This Week 6.1.15

2014 A.D.

Happy January 4th, folks! We're freezing our tails off here (by Florida standards, my numb nose should fall off any second now) It's a new year and I have these ideas. I also have, which has been over the last few years: adamantly denied, very reluctantly nodded to, and now finally embraced with relieved arms, … Continue reading 2014 A.D.

Quote of the Week #27

I'm stealing a quote from Jurassic Park today because it's perfect. "Life finds a way" So, if you were ever tempted to think that I have it together, just remember that I have at least two bean plants growing in a dirty sink. In other news, homeschooling is going great! 😉