Link Likes 3.17.12


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! He was a pretty cool dude, that Patrick. We’ve spent the day celebrating his life and all that he did by loving our babies, lending a helping hand and preparing a feast for dinner! We love any excuse to celebrate. What are you doing to celebrate today? (even if it is just a Saturday in your house)

Oh, and here are some of my favorites from the past few days. Get you read on:

Who was St. Patrick anyway?

I don’t want to raise a “good” kid @ Encouragement for Today

Playmate or Martyr? @ The Parent Vortex

What would you put on an elephant list? @ Inspired to Action

As I close out today, I leave you with the words of my not-Irish friend, “May the blah dee blah always be at your doop dee durp. May the flah flah baneenajah always flerp your florp.” Have a great weekend, folks!


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