Link Likes 3.24.12

We’re in full on spring cleaning mode here! And by full on, I mean 15 minute spurts between This, That and What Did I Just Step In. It’s such a good feeling (eventually) to pull everything out and see what we enjoy, what we can share and what needs to be fixed…and it hasn’t just been our things getting a once over. Enjoy some brain-clearing reads, courtesy of these lovely ladies:
not all at once @ Steady Mom
bringin’ sexy back… (all the married ladies, all the married ladies!–ok, the paraphrasedTop 40 music references are out of my system now) @ The Better Mom
a little help around the iphone @ Passionate Homemaking
And, stay tuned for my Spring 2012 Forehead Smacking Idea! Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Link Likes 3.24.12

  1. Marmy says:

    I wish I had been, at your age, as smart as YOU are at your age!! But God has been VERY good to us; He know everything – life together is sw-e-eet!

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