Quote of the Week #6


This week’s quote isn’t technically a quote. It was more of an observation, followed by an internal dialogue, followed by giggles. It paints a pretty accurate picture of me and the hubs: our divergent common ground. The way we each look at the same idea. We’re like two trains running on parallel tracks sometimes: going to the same station, but carrying different cargo.

We’ve had plenty of talks in our marriage about keeping life simple. When it comes to our big idea talks, I’m a “preemptive strike” kind of gal and Gabe (oh ya, that’s my husband’s name…he does have one of those…he also has a great nickname that shall remain secret) is a “let’s-worry-about-crossing-that-bridge-if-we-ever-even-get-to-it” kind of guy. We’re like peanut butter and jelly. Like apples and bananas (except that I don’t like bananas. Not on their own at least. Have you ever listened to someone eat a banana? It’s gross. It’s the same sound I imagine a sloth makes in its sleep. If you didn’t hear it before, you will now. Sorry about that.)
Now where was I? Ah, yes. Internal dialogues, trains, sloths, imagination and simple life. As part of our “simplifying”, we cut out tv for a week and used our brains instead. We honestly don’t watch a ton to begin with, but it’s kind of a go-to thing. The other night, though, the house was quiet and we read. This is where my ever-active and prone-to-inappropriate-fits-of-giggling internal dialogue kicked in. There we were, sitting on the love seat, soft sophisticated music playing in the background, Gabe reading Imagine: How Creativity Works, and I was reading about making our own bricks and building a “thunderbox”. That’s pretty much when my inner twelve-year-old boy woke up. 

Gabe looked up from his book to tell me about research that shows why depressed artists often have such brilliant creations and I showed him a diagram of an outhouse and told him how, since I was five and I saw Levar Burton learn to, I’ve always wanted to spin my own wool. Two trains. Both headed to Imagination Station by way of Simplicity Valley, but Gabe’s train was full of Scientists and Pixar employees and mine was full of homemade solar panels and bald sheep. We were both enjoying our books and dreaming, but he was thinking about what he was reading and I was planning our journey “off the grid”. 
Giggles ensued. We’re just not serious people. We’re smart and thoughtful and we’ll always get a kick out of each other. And bald sheep, who may be depressed, but will go on to create amazing art.
Have an amazing Friday, folks.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week #6

    • Meredith says:

      Thanks, Mac! That means lots coming from a great writer 🙂 Where in the world are you now? You’re like the Carmen Sandiego of Christ followers.

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