Quote of the Week #7 and #8

This week’s Quote is a two-fer.

“Hold still, Mamma Patient. I need to listen to your heartbeat,” said “Doctor Teagan”, child physician extraordinaire. Her tool of choice: an individual flosser (more specifically, a neon orange pelican, with it’s floss-holding beak open wide in anticipation of the dried apricots waiting to be plucked from between a toddler’s small teeth). Oh, and not only can you hear my heartbeat through an orange pelican, but, as it turns out, my heart is behind my navel.


Part Deux: 

[A Father-to-Daughter statement as overheard from the bedroom] “Kylie’s too little to play with knives*. Give her about a year and you can both play”. Gabriel, my love, what is going on in our kitchen right now?

I’m picturing our two-and-a-half-year-old and eight-month-old with those crazy knives that can cut through cans (even though we don’t have any; we’re still using the same eight piece set that we bought five years ago at Big Lots for $8.99 plus tax–I used to hate them, but my klutzy fingers have really come to appreciate dull, rock-bottom-priced cutlery).

But Daddy is there, giving boundary to samurai-sword-wielding warriors lying in wait behind those cherubim faces. Praise God for Daddy, who keeps his girls safe and his wife’s crazy imagination in check.


Our girls will probably grow up to be doctors or artists or ninjas. Or will form an exploration team and search the globe for neon pelicans. Daddy and I will be proud.  

*These knives were plastic butter knives being used to cut play dough. Calm down.  


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