Read This While My Head Stops Spinning…

Happy Labor Day everyone! This time last year I was wolfing down smoked beef ribs bigger than my head and getting concerned looks from passersby as I tried for the second time to have an “overdue” baby. In Texas. During the hottest summer on record.

This year’s rib-eating was considerably more comfortable as I sat with the same lovely friends on the same lovely porch…under a misting hose, beside a fan. A wonderful day off, indeed. How was yours?

Here’s a little reading to wrap up your day off:

Is this really made with just a pen?! *Slow clap*

Now I finally know what to do with all this water I have laying around!

Quiet is weird…a little.

Real or not real? I love my friend.

And this…just, yes.

*P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, those are not my hands. Mine only get that hairy in the winter.


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