If you’ve read the About section of this blog, you saw some little blurb about me being “all natural”, but, if you’ve read most of my posts, you might have noticed that I have a way of mentioning things and taking a while to come back to them. I can explain.
Well you see…my mind is like a maze of tangled–mostly useful–information (that and movie quotes) and it’s slowly been turning “greener” since I first tried to not wear shoes for a week in college. **a few notes about that last sentence: 1) I miss when green was just a color. Sigh. 2) Clumsy people must wear shoes. At all times. There are other ways to let people know that your spirit is, indeed, free. 3) This isn’t really a note, but while we’re on the subject of hippies and green things, I’ll throw in this warning: Please don’t ever say the word “organic” about anything other than a plant in my presence. Thanks bunches. Love you.)**
For the last six-ish years, I’ve been researching things like cloth diapering options, nutrition, homesteading, alternative medicine, living “off the grid” (and once again, to my Wonderful Husband, this term is no longer reserved for people who cut up money and change their names. I promise I’m not a fugitive.), natural birth and baby-raising, homeschooling, urban farming, home-building…you name it and I’ve probably googled it.
To whet your palate, here is a small list of some of my favorite homemade hippie goodies. (The rest of my research is written on handmade recycled paper and stored in a safe that I carved from a fallen tree, but I don’t want you to think I’m too weird just yet, so we’ll start with small doses). Enjoy!
 **A big goal in making things myself is to get the most for my money, so I try to find ways to use multi-purpose ingredients. I’m cheap.**
homemade sunscreen (I used sesame and coconut oil–cook with them both and use the coconut oil for EVERYTHING. I used shea butter–also use this for other things–and upped the zinc oxide to .6 oz to have an SPF of at least 20. You can add geranium or lavender essential oil for added bug repelling/smell good properties! Just make sure the oils are food grade, otherwise they can have toxic fillers.)
homemade deodorant (Really works and lasts forever!!!! Coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees, though, so I keep mine in the fridge. Tingly underarms are underrated.)
cloth wipe solutions (I use 1/4 cup of Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil soap, 4 cups water and a couple of tablespoons of olive or grape seed oil)
homemade chap stick/hard lotion bars (this stuff is fantastic on dry skin anywhere on your body and also can be used as a diaper rash cream)
I wash my hair with baking soda (but if you’re not up for that just yet, try this: coconut milk and castile soap recipe)
cheap and easy all natural homemade cleaners (I use peroxide, borax, vinegar, baking soda and water for just about everything. All cheap and all have multiple uses–kitchen, bathroom, laundry, floors, body)
There are a few to get you started. I honestly use coconut oil for everything: in baking, cooking, cleaning–polishing, taking off labels, etc–body oil, frizz tamer, leave-in conditioner, body oil, massage oil…Ladies, it’s good for the bedroom 😉 …too much info? haha
The other things I use are white and apple cider vinegar. White for cleaning and apple cider for a great immune system booster, salad dressing, hair conditioner and it will clear up just about any skin irritation.
Peroxide is a great chlorine-free bleach option (I add 1/4 cup to most loads of laundry and mix a few drops with laundry detergent for a perfect stain remover), mouthwash/teeth whitener, all purpose cleaner and it’s great for gargling at the first sign of a sore throat.
Baking soda is another all-around great thing. Scrub your house, brush your teeth, wash your hair, exfoliate your skin, use in on your laundry and in the dishwasher, it’s an endless wonder…
Mountain Rose Herbs is a good site for organics.
If you have any hippie goodness to share, do tell!

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