Link Likes 3.2.13

We have a busy, but awesome weekend ahead of us. Busy while we get another step closer to Move Day; fun as we get to show my little brother the sites of Austin and celebrate my sister’s 22nd birthday!

I can feel stress creep up when I think about all we have to do to get us back to Florida in EIGHT WEEKS (insert scream here), but I’m finding rest in knowing that there’s still joy to be had here and grace in the chaos. 
Read up!
This is a little bit down the line, but I’m already trying to figure out how to be an Extroverted Homeschooling Mom @ Simple Homeschool
And, when I feel like a failure… @ Keeper of the Home
Right now, I’m turning THIS way way up and…

Trying some Facial Yoga (It’ll either work or it won’t. Either way we can get a good laugh out of it…and laughs make better wrinkles than frowns!)


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