What’s New This Week 3.18.13











Week Six in our Move to Florida Countdown. I feel like Michael ‘Squints’ Palledorous at the pool (Sandlot…if you didn’t get the reference, please go watch it so that we can still be friends). This move is Wendy Peffercorn, taunting me with her “oil and lotion” (seriously, go watch the movie). I’m not quite ready to jump awkwardly off the diving board yet, but I’m wiping off my foggy glasses and making my way to the ladder. It’s coming. The Thing we’ve been talking about for months is inching closer to reality. 

A bit dramatic for a moving analogy? Perhaps. But, you get what you get here. 

Where was I? Oh, yes, it’s a new week and this is what’s happening.





  • I’m on repeat mode right now. Check out previous posts for some yummy ideas, though!



  • Letting most of the housework slide until The Big Clean in a few weeks. Aaah. *pours a glass of lemonade* *not really*


  • The sliding of said housework and the enjoying of family, friends and our sweet time in Austin!

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