Link Likes 3.23.13

Okay, campers, rise and shine!
We’re putting on our work gloves and scooping up the last of the partially decomposed leaves that were conveniently blown into piles by a crazy windstorm a few weeks ago (yes, I said weeks…and yes, Austin’s autumn ended quite some time ago. Whatever.) They are sure to smell like dead animals since that same windstorm brought with it much-needed, but pile-o-leaves-stinking-up rain. Don’t worry about me; I’ll just hold my breath and pray that the Texas slugs don’t get me. (If you don’t hear from me by Easter, release the hounds).
Happy weekending and a very merry Link Like to you!
Uninvited @ Jen Hatmaker

We’re ALL Frauds @ Fried Okra

And, please, if you haven’t seen Nina Conti yet, click that little gem of a link and treat yo’self!


One thought on “Link Likes 3.23.13

  1. Meredith says:

    Oh, and P.S. When I said that “I” would be picking up leaves today, that was definitely meant to be read “my-super-guy-baby-daddy”. He’s awesome. While he handled the dead animal leaves and slugs, I listened to music and made guacamole. We like to split the chores around here 😉

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