Link Likes 3.30.13 aaaand Quote of the Week #15

This is the best weekend of the whole year. We remember, reflect, and rejoice. In all things. Have a good one, friends.

Can We Bring the Holidays Down a Notch? by Kristen Howerton @ Huffington Post

Kids Should Be Allowed to Get Bored by Hannah Richardson @ BBC News
Subarus, Sex, and Porn Stars @ Mike Donehey’s Blog
Real Food FAQ @ 100 Days of Real Food
Not So Lazy After All @ Steady Mom
Oh, and here’s a belated Quote of the Week. Another little gem from Teag. Granted you had to be here to appreciate the tune, but it’s still pretty cute.
(Singing to her sister) “Kylie, you have a smart brain. You know where stuff is. Sometimes you don’t, but it’s okay. We keep lookin’ and I help you. Sometimes I don’t know where it is either, but it’s okay. We’re okay.” -Teagan

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