What’s New This Week 4.1.13

What an awesome weekend we had here. Such a sweet time celebrating Easter! How was yours? Tell me aaaaall about it.


  • Miranda Dodson (got to share the stage with this lady yesterday…holy moly, what a voice!)
  • Ella Fitzgerald
It’s a songstress kind of week.





  • (On my Pinterest board at least) I’m gathering ideas for our new place…you know, for when we find one of those place-to-live things…before May 2nd.


  • “Building” a tray bird feeder. Not so much building as just painting and hanging an old Melissa & Doug wooden box (thanks for the idea, Katie Fox!) Hoping this will attract the birds and their copious droppings to the back yard vs. every. single. square. inch. of our van.


  • The feeling of cool squishy finger paints with the Little Ladies and watching the powerful effects of THREE jellybeans on an 18 month old. Wowzer.   

Oh ya, and I’m pregnant.


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