Quote of the Week #17, Link Likes 5.18.13 and a General Catching Up


Well, friends. We did it. We moved to Florida. We hugged the necks of the Texas friends we’ve come to love; the ones who unloaded the few possessions we arrived in Austin with, the ones who babies mine have grown with for the last two years, the ones who pondered and prayed with us about some big questions, the ones who fed us, clothed us (I got nothin but love for my TOMS people), celebrated with us, threw us surprise parties, sat the heck out of our babies (does anyone get what I just said?), helped us buy The Swagger Wagon, the ones who welcomed us with arms more open than we could have ever dreamed, the ones whose lives we were made a part of. Yes. We said goodbye to those amazing folks. Some we’ll see again. Others, maybe never. For all, though, we are forever grateful and honored to know you!

I. will. nottttttt. cryyyyyyyyyy.

Where was I? Oh yes, we’re in Florida. For the last two weeks we’ve reunited with dear family and friends who’ve supported and loved us from afar for the past two years. A special shout out to my family and Gerald Teano, who moved us into our new place…like multiple BOSSES. Seriously, we even have things hanging on our walls! New Cox Family record. We are inhaling deeply the scent of the Atlantic; taking in the once again familiar sights of palm trees, people walking around in their socially-accepted underwear; returning to our beloved Ocean City Church. I’m watching everyone outside of the glow of my Scotch-Irish halo be kissed by the sun a bit more everyday. I’m not bitter. (although, Kylie mistaking a Snow White sticker for me the other day may have been pushing it).

We’re here, we have no idea what’s going on…and loving it. Our lives are intersecting with old and new friends. We’re finally meeting the spouses and babies that popped onto the scene in our absence. Things are good! It’s still a bit surreal. I’m having to learn road names again, where the best health food and thrift stores are now, and how to uncreepily invite our fellow gated community neighbors to a stranger’s house for a potluck. #firstworldslashwhitegirlproblems So, ya, we’re good.

Gabriel, Cox Family Head, brings us our Quote of the Week: “Even the dumpsters smell good”. If you were starting to feel sorry for us as we just left the “Live Music Capital of the World”, fret not. Now we live in a land where even the giant containers of rotting trash can make you feel like a kid on summer vacation. Beat that, Anywhere Else!

And to wrap this puppy up, here’s some mental chewing gum for you (this one’s for all the Mammas and the Pappas out there). See you around!

3 Mistakes We Make Leading Kids @ Growing Leaders

When You Feel Trapped by Motherhood @ Mothering

Being an Awesome Parent Even if You Don’t Have a Yard…or “Play Silks” @ Clean.

One Thing You’re Daughter Doesn’t Need You to Say @ Chatting at the Sky

Friendship (and the Glorious Mess That Goes With It) @ A Small Snippet

And this, just because.


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