Finished Project! It is SO finished!

If you’ve kept up with this blog, you’ll find that I have loads of good intentions when it comes to recipes and projects. If you know me (and my three and two year olds), you know that many of these intentions get lost in a pile of dirty dishes or on the way to the library…or Costco.

With that said, today’s reveal is made that much more exciting for me. I’m a third-generation dumpster diver/side-of-the-road-rescuer. I’ve found some gems. Some have been put back out by the road or given away because I hadn’t touched them and it was time to move again or I just lost my vision for them.

This one, though; this memo board found beside a dog groomer, foam panels warped and swelled with moisture and neglect, every. single. strip. of. hot. glue. matted with dog hair (had I been allergic, I would have turned back then), this was special. It was a sight and it smelled a little, but doggone it! I have a minivan with folding seats and a hereditary stubbornness destined to create trash-to-treasure greatness! At least that was how I felt when I picked it up. In February. Or was is January? Whatever. Here she is:


photo-2(I had already kicked out the panels at this point. I felt like a Law and Order: SVU star kicking in a door to save the innocent beauty trapped behind layers of soggy fur)

AFTER: (the picture sucks, but you get the idea)



1) I headed to home depot for this:

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 8.31.05 AM2) and painted it with a few layers of homemade chalk paint

3) then nailed those bad boys into place.

4) covered the top four panels in cork and burlap (thanks for helping, Mom!)

5) got Hubby, Dad and Mom to help screw it into the wall…this thing is here to stay!

It’s done. Now onto the next one! Consider this post an encouragement to finish those projects if it’s something you really see potential in. Lawd knows if I can do it, you can do it!


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