Quote of the Week #18 and 27 Other Things

“Mamma’s going to be 80!”-Teagan telling her Daddy how old I’m turning today.

I guess she’s picking up on Mamma’s “old soul”, but I’m actually only 27 (or will be as of 8:05 PM as noted by Dr. Balmookoot Balgobin at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts on that warm summer night in ’86).

So to ring in this new year of life, I’ve decided to share with you, dear reader, 27 pieces of prized information. From my old soul to yours, here are 27 thoughts I’ve had since my eyes opened today:

1. I need to put the oatmeal cake in the oven.

2. Why does 27 sound more than just one year older than 26?

3. What causes hangnails?

4. I need to cut my fingernails today. We’re getting into talon territory over here.

5. Do other people find thar they need to trim their nails with the same level of surprise that I do? (“They’re back…AGAIN!”)

6. I wonder if there are people who schedule such things?

7. It freaks me out to no end to see a woman (or a man) with nails so long that they curl under…holding babies.

8. I actually have a lot of hang ups when it comes to finger and toe nails…maybe I should talk to someone about that?

9. How are my kids already more tan than I am? I’m the one taking them to the beach!

10. I hope the girls don’t knock into/jump on/pull on/swing from/inadvertently roundhouse kick me today. (Jillian Michaels and her “Shredding” have made me especially susceptible to pain right now)

11. I could really go for some Mexican food right now.

12. My husband is the sweetest! He put new tires on my bike last night!

13. Teagan and Kylie look ridiculously adorable in those tiny bike helmets. Like bobble head dolls with soulful eyes.

14. Getting to share my love if libraries with those little girls is one of the highlights of my weeks. (I thought about how I’ll get to pull them in their new bike trailer today)

15. Why would someone buy a stroller for their dog? They walk from birth…and it’s a $&@!?#% dog. (This made me think of the classic Will Farrell dog training SNL short. Classic.)

16. I wonder if Teagan is old enough to appreciate The Sound of Music yet?

17. Counter-clockwise. That’s the way our fans should run in the summer, right?

18. How did I develop a fear of lizards?

19. Did I really just use a 4′ bike trailer flag to try to shoo one out of the patio?

20. Then, when that didn’t deter the little bugger, did I really throw my kids’ Melissa & Doug art easel accessories at it? (Don’t worry, I don’t aim to kill. I set the paint cups to stun).

21. How fast would I be committed to an institution if mind-reading devices existed?

22. I am one super-lucky lady.

23. I could really go for a perfectly ripened, organic Honey Crisp apple.

24. I will never pay that much for an apple.

25. I need to add apple juice to my shopping list.

26. What will I be doing when I’m 37?

27. Who decided that you’re not supposed to make your own birthday cake? It sounds like a conspiracy to me.

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it!



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