What’s New This Week 6.10.13


Monday, Monday. I still have mixed feelings about this day, but due mostly to my own weirdness about getting things “right”–I WILL do all 5,000 pounds of laundry today! It WON’T sit in a basket waiting to be folded until next Monday. Oh, maybe one day…

For now,  I’ll work on Mt. Smelly Socks, correct the kiddos a little less and hug them a little more, smooch my hubby and thank God for it all.




  • I’m experimenting on our kids again. We don’t have a ton of toys, but darn if those things don’t seem to multiply on their own. The books, art supplies, and kitchen knives are still readily available, but today the girls each picked out a favorite animal and most everything else is “napping”. We’ll see how this goes. Please don’t call Child Services on me.



  • Plenty of “nature art”. I keep finding faces made with the rocks, shells, flowers, leaves, etc in our Nature Tray (a thrifted printer’s tray full of found treasures) and out just about anywhere. Leave them to their own devices and magic can happen!


  • Never say never. This weekend, we’re attempting potty training boot camp (running around the kitchen with a naked baby…she’ll love it!)


  • The silly copy cat games our girls are playing with each other these days. Giggles and funny faces abound.
P.S. By “kitchen knives”, I meant “kitchen knives”…but they’re not readily available just yet. Just keeping your brain in shape, people. You can thank me and the creators of crossword puzzles later.

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