Passive Aggressive Shoe Solution

I like our new place. I really do! It’s just that it has wall-to-wall white-ish-beige carpet. I only had a minor panic attack when I thought about scrubbing for hours on my hands and knees. *shudder*
It seemed a nice sign/basket combo would do the trick, so to work I went. $3 later (I haggled the Hobby Lobby manager for a deal on a used bushel basket), we were ready for guests and I didn’t have to feel like a crazy person running around un-shoeing people and handing them coasters.
Here’s the how:
1) Slapped a coat of my favorite homemade chalk paint on an old canvas
2) Painted the edge of the canvas frame Seafoam Blue
3) Realized that “Seafoam Blue” looked like “1980’s Nike High Tops” next to the black chalkboard paint
4) Realized I didn’t have any more chalkboard paint to cover the high tops
5) Hot-glued some scrap fabric around the edge
6) Called it a day.
Here you go. The pictures are nothing to write home about. I have an iPod and two photobombing kids, so you get what you get. Have a great evening all my fellow Passive Aggressive Cleaning Ladies (and Gents)!

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