What’s New This Week 6.24.13

Ah, sunshine. It’s one of those things that make life lively! Shining through the kitchen windows this morning, it made even my dirty floor look like a palace. Good stuff. Kuddos, God.




  • Re-learning how to create some semblance of a menu plan. Oy. I can.not. remember what we ate before we moved!


  • We’re experimenting with the bounty of almond meal we have left over from our Homemade Almond Milk. We’ve tried Paleo Banana Bread (subbed honey for agave and omitted the almond extract…going to try dates to give them some “glue”…very crumbly). These Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies will definitely be happening and we might even try Almond Cheese! Then we’ll take a two-year break from all things almond.
  • Chicken Soup
  • Something with ground beef
  • And These Bad Boys 


  • Raiding the scrap stash and giving our $.99 Goodwill grapevine wreath a makeover. We’ll see what happens!


  • Giving a DEEP DEEP clean to our craigslist find: A double bike trailer/stroller that is currently encased in a fine fabric of spider webs and dirt. What’s the saying? “Don’t look a $40 craigslist trailer in the mouth; especially not after you just haggled (within reason) the poor woman who ‘just wants it out of her garage'”? …something like that.


  • Hearing the girls watch the ducks out back with Daddy. They love that man, the outdoors and water fowl something fierce.

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