What’s New This Week 7.1.13

Um, I’m sorry, but when did we get to JULY?!?! Gracious, 2013, slow your roll. At least let me buy some imported fireworks before you go all crazy.





  • We’re doing our first “official” homeschool experiment and making a Solar Oven for summertime s’mores!


  • Some good ol “Merican” food. That and explosives are what this week is all about…right?


  • In approximately two and a half days, we will transform our bike trailer into a patriotic rave on wheels. It will be so full of U.S. pride, that Canadian moose will sing our anthem. Ya.


  • Scrubbing the heck out of a $160 bike seat that the girls and I found buried under baskets at the thrift store for…drumroll please…$5. 


  • Listening to Kylie string more and more words together. Hearing a child learn to talk is one of my favorite stages of development! Fascinating…and often completely adorable. Having big sis’, Teagan, serving as an interpretor is pretty entertaining too 😉



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