Quote of the Week #21

“Milk!” exclaimed 21-month-old Kylie to the balcony full of young single folks as she held up a topless Barbie doll. Parents, you’ll get this immediately. Singles, Kylie wanted me to tell you that you’re welcome for the free anatomy and lactation consultation.

Also, Teagan created a futuristic haute “junk” couture look this morning…either that or the “I want a puppy” discussion with Daddy escalated very quickly.
Happy Friday, folks!
photo-1**Ok, I have to brag a little bit. What mother hasn’t dreamed of birthing the next Donatella Versace! Today I had a glimpse! The above headdress is made up of four lavish layers, each promising to be all the rage by 2019. She began with an Ethiopian scarf, borrowed from her mother. This was topped with an open (clean) diaper, giving it that Plastic Pilgrim touch. Carefully secured around the forehead is a pink tulle tutu. Sitting daintily atop the tulle is a reversible (talk about value!) infant bucket hat featuring a delicate floral and eyelet print. And, the crowning glory, the pièce de résistance, is the designer’s own personal puppy, “Abby”…which may or may not be replaced by a real dog after today’s “negotiation tactics”.

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