What’s New This Week 7.8.13

Summer playdates, early walks, and any and all relief from the midday sun will be the magic formula for this week. What are you doing?

  • johnnyswim (A super-cute, uber-talented couple of friends. Go listen to “Make”. Right now. I hold no responsibility for the punch in the nose you may get from a co-worker–with no musical taste–for having this on repeat all day long.)



  • The Solar Oven worked! Surprise, surprise…the sun melts chocolate and makes it even more delicious. This week, I’m trying to figure out what food-bearing plants we have the least chance of killing on our patio. To Pinterest!


  • Homemade tortillas, pizza, and chicken soup, oh my! And a few other goodies thrown in the mix.


  • It’s not so much “creative”, but I’m making over another thrift store find. A tacky photo album is about to (hopefully) be turned into a cute-to-look-at and functional recipe binder. Fingers crossed and glue sticks out!


  • Budgeting. For days.





2 thoughts on “What’s New This Week 7.8.13

  1. Jennifer T. says:

    When James and I got married (8 plus years ago) we had two of my friends learn an Abner Ramirez song to play at our wedding. They did a beautiful job. 😉

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