Link Likes 7.20.13

When you give a Mom a piece of cake, her kids will want some too. Then everyone will want some milk to go with it, but there will only be enough for everyone to have three sips. Next she’ll need a towel to clean up the milk that the baby decided to pour over her cake.  On the way to get the towel, both of her children will ask if they can take their clothes off. Mom will say “yes” as she stuffs another bite of cake in her mouth. Once all twenty chocolate-covered fingers have been cleaned and kissed, she will go upstairs and trick Daddy out of bed with the promise of a fudge-drizzled morning.

Cake: The Official Sponsor of Saturday Morning.

These little gems have peppered my week. Enjoy!

Who Are You?

My Delightfully Honest Friend @ Got a Blog

Amazon Reviews Are the Best @ Brain Pickings

Just In Case You’re Wondering @ Sarasota Cluck


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