Link Likes 7.27.13

Started today off with pancakes just after sunrise. Next, a stop by the playground (which turned out to be lovely but absolutely and literally crawling with spiders and lizards–mamma don’t do no lizards). We rounded out the morning’s activities with less than stellar stroll on the beach (there was wet sand and a formerly dry head, belonging to a formerly happy toddler, involved).

Now that naps have been had and Weatherman Daddy has given us ladies the green light for the pool, we’re off to let the cool waters wash away our cares…and any sand left over from the “stroll”. Hooray for free water! It is their Bath Day, after all. (That’s kind of a joke. Ok, not really. Whatever.)

*Note: I hereby declare this blog a judgement-free zone. So there.

Oh, and these! I almost forgot! This is what you’ve been waiting for all week! The reason you’re here! My apologies. Enjoy!

So I Don’t Have to Live In a Cardboard Box? @ Keeper of the Home

Just Chill @ Huff Post
Answer the Door @ Simple Homeschool
P.S. You should go make these. Leana is a good woman. Very good. Meaning, she loves Jesus and chocolate as much as I do.

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