What’s New This Week 7.29.13

It’s today! It’s today! It’s today! I mean, I guess you already know that, but hooray! Be excited with me! No really. Please. Get excited. I’ve been up since 5:30. I need other people to jump around with me so I don’t fall asleep while I hold my children. They get so upset when I drop them.

  • Fitz and the Tantrums
  • Jake Bugg :: The official soundtrack of women who wait until Monday morning to wash all of Sunday’s (and some of Saturday’s) dishes. Thanks, Jake. You’re awesome.


  • Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, a lady on whom I may or may not be developing a hippie-European-wannabe girl-crush. She’s French and she forages. Love her.


  • The number of potty training successes are directly related to the presence (or absence) or chocolate chips in the house. Mamma’s got a brand new bag…of shameless incentives.


  • This is the last week of the month. The last few dollars of the food budget. It’s every man, woman, and child for him/herself. (Just for kicks, though, I’ll be throwing in some banana bread, lots of rice, something sweet, vegetable thing-ies, pork, and homemade bread–22nd time’s a charm, right?!)


  • We (meaning, Gabe) hung some lights up on the patio the other night. Does that count? I made oatmeal cake in our air conditioned kitchen and checked out his butt/rear end/backside/whichever term makes you feel the most comfortable. Although, if you feel comfortable thinking about my husband’s bum, we might need to take this outside…to my well-lit patio.


  • Diligently rotating my soap while it cures. Homemade soap, sprouts and, kefir are like the Tamagotchis I never had in middle school.


  • This is the kind of fun my husband makes: Payback.

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