Link Likes 8.10.13

It’s been one of those days. Just weird. It’s one of those days when you realize that thing you did that seems to have happened so long ago was yesterday…or was it this morning? This Saturday, August 10th, 2013, has been a complete blur. It started with pancakes, there were some bathroom trips thrown in (the almost two-year old is back on the bandwagon!). At one point I woke up on the couch with a faint taste of stale chocolate in my mouth. Is that even a thing?

I wrestled a two pound frozen block of chili with my bare, frost-bitten hands as I worked to chisel out a piece of the double-walled Ziploc bag that had been left fused to the INSIDE of the misshapen leftovers after Mrs. Genius here tried to forcefully remove it from said bag. (let’s just say I’ve been known to not exactly “think things through” during moments of hunger/anger). To keep from cursing whilst wielding a knife, whilst teetering atop the toddler’s stool (for leverage), I imagined myself as a skillful paleontologist working carefully, chiseling back the layers of age and frozen tomato juice. Seventeen minutes and three “Girls, don’t ever do what Mamma is doing right now; we do not play with knives” later, dinner was free.
Ok, so that last part wasn’t such a blur, but we washed off the rest of the day in the pool while the dinosaur, er, dinner warmed itself into a bubbling goodness. We found Wallace, the girls fed us pretend water from their tiny cupped hands (anything to push off bedtime, I guess), caught up on my Feedly, and now I’m off to what promises to be a delightfully boring date with a perfectly cooled pillow.
Happy Day, folks.

3 thoughts on “Link Likes 8.10.13

  1. Kristen says:

    Sleep- I need help! Do you have any (hopefully natural) tips? This past month I’ve been battling insomnia- if I get to sleep at a normal hour, I wake around 2 and can’t fall back asleep until 5:30ish. Which of course is no good! It’s happening a few times every single week!! The baby is actually sleeping through the night right now, it’s just me, the mama who can.not.sleep!!! For awhile I took the positive approach and just thought, ok, God wants me up and praying now, so that’s what I would do. But as of last night, I’m over the positive approach and just need some sleep!! Any thoughts or advice??

    • Meredith says:

      Oh no! We’ve been a little off here too. The waking at 5:30 thing was going great (I actually had MORE energy…funny, huh?), but then I started going to bed later for some crazy reason. Working to get back onto a sane schedule. I love that you are approaching this frustrating issue with prayer!

      These are my non-healthcare-provider tips (most based on my own experience, some the advice of other hippie friends):

      -Do NOT budget/menu plan/deep clean/anything that might stress you out within a couple of hours of bedtime. This one is hard for me because it feel like that’s the only time I can do some of those things, but nights that I’ve thought about money or some big plan before be have almost always resulted in broken sleep or worrisome dreams.

      -DO something relaxing (i.e. reading–my favorite, knitting–you rock at this!, just sitting in the quiet for a few minutes, etc.)

      -Try some nighttime yoga. Sex can also fit in this category. Yes, I said the “S” word on the internet. We’re married with kids. Let’s just stop pretending we don’t do this. Haha

      -A walk in the morning and another after dinner.

      -As far a food or supplements go, try turkey or honey (contain tryptophan), cherry juice (contanis melatonin), catnip or chamomile tea (I have a giant bag of catnip if you want to have some!).

      Good luck my friend!

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