Thankfulness and some other stuff…

Today, we sprung a surprise zoo trip on the Girlies.

I’m so thankful for:

-Kiddos in love with creation.

-Sweet grandparents far and near who care for and spoil their grandchildren in so many wonderful ways.

-The astounding number of species that exist in our world. We only saw a drop in the bucket today and I was actually on the verge of tears at one point. “It’s so *sniff* *sniff* beautiful.” (P.S. I’m one hundred percent sure I’m not pregnant right now, so erase that thought from your mind.)

Here’s the “other stuff”:

If you read a couple of weeks ago, I apologized for my absence of late. Not much has changed. Still trying to figure out what life will look like if we/I pursue things like homeschooling, adoption, and some other things I won’t talk too much about right now. I have lots of blog posts in my head and some even written out on paper! There is some refining that needs to be done to much of their content, though. My words tend to come out a little hot at first and simmer down with a few nights’ sleep and revisiting. They’re coming. Promise. Just not sure when.

One more little snippet for you. IF: LOCAL. If you haven’t heard of it, learn about it. If you have and you’re as excited as I am, REGISTER!!! If you’re in Jacksonville, FL (or a neighbor!) and want to join together with some other awesome ladies, keep your eyes peeled for details. (That’s one of those things I’m pursuing right now…gotta get us gals a building!).

Love you. Mean it. For real. Happy Thursday.


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