What’s New This Week 11.4.13

I did my stretches, I jogged in place, and attracted more than a few stares as I careened through the aisles of Costco, gathering a mountain of food for this first ever monthly menu plan attempt. Today, friends, is Bean, Meat and Chicken Day. This house will reek of black and pinto beans, lentils, ground and “bacon-y” turkey, and I will be elbow-deep in chicken grease as I tap into my Biology 101 skills and dissect three rotisserie-d beauties.

Oh, and I’ll also need to return a few perishable (Costco-sized) items that I bought in my uber-planned haze, but won’t need for three more weeks. You can have a bullet-pointed list or you can have your brain. You can’t have both, folks. Bananas, Spinach and Pepperoni Pizza, I’ll be back for you…in three weeks. It’s nothing personal, Mamma just wasn’t thinking.

It the midst of what may turn out to be The Time I Cried Over Baked Beans, I’ll take heart in the following. Be strong, friends, and, if you see smoke or hear cursing, be a doll and call the Fire Department. Kthanks 🙂   

  • Bluegrass (Kylie wanted to hear “cow music”????)
  • Fleet Foxes



  • We just finished up our “M” for “Music” unit study. We talked about, listened to and played music (on the only instrument I could “craft”–a toilet paper tube “flute”, er, wind instrument). Music history is not all that interesting to the girls just yet. We covered the basics (using The Children’s Book of Music) and it was fun! 
  • For the next two weeks, we’re studying “A” for “Art”!!! I’ve been looking forward to this one. We’ll be going through The Children’s Book of Art and this series as we hit the high points of art history, make collages, forage for art supplies, paint, sculpt, and generally just get messy. I hope the girls are as excited as I am!




  • Filling our Thankfulness Notebook with anything that strikes us as wonderful.


  • Cool breezes under sunny skies. 
  • New growth in our garden! Hooray for not killing it!
  • Free bike seats (Thanks, Kampfe’s!!!!)
  • The fountain out back that sounds like a waterfall from just the right angle.
Have a marvelous Monday, friends!

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