What’s New This Week 11.27.13

Hi, friends!
Tomorrow is the day! The whole month has been leading up to this. Thanksgiving. Let’s make it a day about giving thanks (duh!)…but really. Let’s not beat ourselves (or anyone else) up for not posting what we’re thankful for any of the 27 days before. Don’t fret over how ungrateful we’ll once again realize we are.
I was recently reminded by a friend (who shall remain unnamed for now, but who needs to start her own one of these blog things…her name starts with a B. ok that’s all I’m saying) that life is a vapor. So much of what we think is important or urgent or will improve our lives somehow just isn’t. Is it wrong to list what you’re thankful for? Heck no! Keep it up! Is it wrong to be a scrooge? Uh, yes. But let’s not forget that we each need a daily head-to-toe bath in grace.
Let’s just make it a far more regular tradition to gather together, to open our homes to those who have none, to cherish the ones we’ve been fit into this vapor with, to pray with humble and genuine hearts that God’s Hope, Love, Peace and Joy would change our perceptions of priority. Let’s live out thankfulness.
That’s my spiel. I love you all.
Now here’s what’s been happening in our house for the last couple of weeks:
  • The Rend Collective Experiment
  • “Cold Weather Music”. Mind you, this is NOT holiday music…just as close as I can get without anyone singing the word “Christmas”




Our 2nd Annual Breakfast for Dinner Thanksgiving Feast! I say annual, but who knows if we’ll do it again. We tried it out with some equally exhausted fellow parents of a newborn a couple of years ago and loved it! Who doesn’t love bacon?!


  • Our super simple (and cheap!) advent calendar
  • An advent wreath (Also cheap…it’s kind of our thing)


  •  Looking for just the right little elf to encourage kindness and wonder in our home a la The Imagination Tree.


  • The feel of the rain on my head and in my shoes last night.
  • Money for good food.
  • People to share life with.



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