What’s New This Week 12.2.13

Hi, friends! Well, how was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was something you were able to find the good and the thankfulness in. This year, ours was made up of a hodgepodge of sweet folks.

Some we met for the first time as they walked through the door, but once we dug into our Breakfast for Dinner Feast and laughed about our shared disdain for cats, we bonded. Eight hours, a couple of holiday movies, and one rousing game of Settlers of Catan later, the house emptied and we prepared ourselves for a whole lotta nothing to come the next day. Bliss.
Now it’s December and, with the new calendar posted, I’m grabbing my inner extroverted planner by the shoulders, looking deep into her eyes and reminding her to “Calm down, woman!”. I love love love love parties, people, presents, platters…? (I was on a roll), but I have to pull myself back down to earth sometimes–meaning basically every day–and be here.  
Fun is really only fun if you can share it, so we’re trying to leave plenty of white space on that calendar to share with our someones and the someones who don’t have any. It’s a hard thing for me to do, but I’ll just be sure to give my inner extrovert a daily dose of very strong eggnog. That oughta calm her down a bit.
Yesterday we kicked off Advent in our house. Here’s a little peak!



  • This week in the “School at Home” as Teagan calls it, we’re learning “All About Me”. We’ll talk about how they were “knit together”, what makes them each unique, study their fingerprints and talk about what they notice and appreciate about the people around them!


  • This is month I’ll DEFINITELY be doing a repeat of November’s Monthly Meal Plan. I loved how well (albeit imperfectly) it worked last month!!! I’m a believer! 


  •  Decking the halls, reminding myself to slow down and love people, and trying not to burn the house down.


  • Watching the girls wake up to find “Abby”, our special friend who’s visiting this month (more on her later)!

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