Advent and Abby the Elf

Ho! Ho! Ho-my-gosh, it’s December. Really and truly, it’s here! As promised, here is a little peak into our Advent/Christmas/Holiday celebration this year. First on the list is our little friend, “Abby”, who’s come to visit us this month! The idea came from here and Abby came from Target for three buckeroos.

Of course if the girls ask whether or not Abby is real, we’ll tell them the truth, but so far they just think she’s a super fun, very kind, full of joy nocturnal elf. Walk with me, friends, as I tell you the ever-developing story of Abby: the Joyful Elf.
Fresh from the store, she was outfitted for a sport that we here in Florida can only dream of.
Abby before
A little tugging of her skis and a few snips with the fingernail clippers and she was ready to meet the girls!
Abby after
She greeted her expectant hosts with a note explaining her name, which means “the Father’s joy”. She went on to say that God wants each of us to experience His joy and that we know it the best when we spend time with Him and when we serve the other precious people He has made! Abby is “a joyful servant (or a happy helper)” and is “excited to help others to know and share God’s love”. She’ll be helping the girls around the house and the neighborhood and discovering new ways to learn about God’s heart for ourselves and others!
Abby arrival
We love her already.
So far, she’s helped us set up our advent wreath, invited the girls to play with play-doh, taken a fun ride on one of the Christmas rocking horses, and, this morning, played hide-n-seek in the garland at the top of the chalkboard! The girls are having fun looking for what Abby has done in the night and, c’mon, who doesn’t like a little make believe?
Abby playdoh
Abby horse
Abby hiding
Next time, I’ll show you our very simple, very cheap (some are even free!) decorations…enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, peeps and keep an ear out for small wonder-hacked Target ornaments in your kitchen!
P.S. Ignore the mountain scene (well, you can look at it all you want, actually. It’s kind of nice. Imagine you’re floating on the gentle waves. It will be replaced soon, so live it up while you can!)

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