2014 A.D.

Happy January 4th, folks! We’re freezing our tails off here (by Florida standards, my numb nose should fall off any second now)

It’s a new year and I have these ideas. I also have, which has been over the last few years: adamantly denied, very reluctantly nodded to, and now finally embraced with relieved arms, a very small plate. I used to think I was the queen of multi-tasking, but it was a dirty lie. If I have more than two (literal) pots cooking on my (literal) stove, I will (literally) burn/scald/render inedible their contents.

This, 2014 A.D., will be the year of embracing my teacup saucer of a plate, of listening to my husband’s advice and reading one book at a time (but there are SO MANY good ones!!!), of experimenting and sitting in one thing per one time. Plans like this are bound for hilarious failure in so many ways, but dang it I’m going for it.

For January, I’m trying to wake up before my kids more days than not. Today, I slept in until 9:59 AM because it felt good and my husband loves me. We’ll take tomorrow when tomorrow comes. From mornings past, though, things seem to go a little more smoothly when I have at least five minutes to wash the gunk out of my eyes, thank God for something and jot down those random thoughts I have in the first moments of the day.

I have ideas for each month. Some will be things to try, to finish, to remember. It’ll be fun 🙂 I might keep some of them. I might incinerate some of them. Here goes.



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