What’s New This Week (er, Year)


Hey, friends!

Figured I’d drop in and say “hi” and make another entry into this online journal of sorts.

Here’s what I’m into right now:




  • The basics of American History. We’re using the American Girl books to keep it interesting. The character, Kaya, introduced us to the Nez Perce Native Americans of the North West. Next up, Felicity!


  • Not a ton, really. Ice cream. Smoothies. Cucumbers and carrots. Lots of things dipped in hummus. The sun is shining…I don’t have time for stoves.



  •  Spring cleaning. Mostly decluttering at this point. Maybe it’s just us, but the master bedroom seems to always be the default holding tank for all the things to be fixed, donated, kept away from children, and all the “Ah! People are coming! Just throw it in the bedroom!” things. Can I get a witness?


  • Listening to Teagan explain to her younger sister, Kylie, the finer points of hyper-sleep. “You don’t move during hyper-sleep! You don’t even know what’s going on when you’re asleep. Now, lay back down. It’s blast off time.”
  • The Tonight Show #hashtags.

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