I Am Not a Blogger

Here's a little bit of everything to catch you up, people. 2014 has been pretty great so far. We've been able to have some fun as a family in the unpredictable Florida weather, we've eaten a ghastly amount of cookies. I've learned-slash-admitted a few more things about myself. It's been like having tiny lightbulbs flicker … Continue reading I Am Not a Blogger



I feel a bit unprepared to share my thankfulness today. You see, yesterday was an awful day in the Cox House. As my husband and I said aloud after he tucked the girls into bed for the night, "It was just a bad day". There was no salvaging it or trying to find the good. … Continue reading Thankfulness

Thankful Thursday

This week we are over-the-moon happy and thankful for: -cool(er) weather! -jackets -happy little girls/sister-friends -old friends -new friends -the sounds of toddler conversations and little feet running around upstairs -apple crisp. glory. hallelujah. What are you thankful for this week?