What’s New This Week (er, Year)

Hey, friends! Figured I'd drop in and say "hi" and make another entry into this online journal of sorts. Here's what I'm into right now: Listening Max Pope "All That I Need" The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey Reading Renewal Theology by J. Rodman Williams (this one will take a while) One More Thing: Stories and Other … Continue reading What’s New This Week (er, Year)


So This One Time, At Choir Practice…

It seems I've found myself in a hole that has taken me six months (I know, I gasped too) to find my way out of. I could blame our move (a whole five miles down the road) or my busy-bodied children, but it was mostly writer's block and laziness. My fingers tickled the keyboard here and … Continue reading So This One Time, At Choir Practice…

2014 A.D.

Happy January 4th, folks! We're freezing our tails off here (by Florida standards, my numb nose should fall off any second now) It's a new year and I have these ideas. I also have, which has been over the last few years: adamantly denied, very reluctantly nodded to, and now finally embraced with relieved arms, … Continue reading 2014 A.D.