Link Likes 3.30.13 aaaand Quote of the Week #15

This is the best weekend of the whole year. We remember, reflect, and rejoice. In all things. Have a good one, friends.

Can We Bring the Holidays Down a Notch? by Kristen Howerton @ Huffington Post

Kids Should Be Allowed to Get Bored by Hannah Richardson @ BBC News
Subarus, Sex, and Porn Stars @ Mike Donehey’s Blog
Real Food FAQ @ 100 Days of Real Food
Not So Lazy After All @ Steady Mom
Oh, and here’s a belated Quote of the Week. Another little gem from Teag. Granted you had to be here to appreciate the tune, but it’s still pretty cute.
(Singing to her sister) “Kylie, you have a smart brain. You know where stuff is. Sometimes you don’t, but it’s okay. We keep lookin’ and I help you. Sometimes I don’t know where it is either, but it’s okay. We’re okay.” -Teagan

What’s New This Week 3.4.13


Here are our top picks for the week (pun absolutely intended)



  • Rise Up & Sing by Lex Buckley (LOVE this woman and her heart for female worship leaders!)


  • Studying bugs and such. I’m working on my fear of lizards and cockroaches and teaching the girls (maybe) how to see the cool side of creepy crawlers (instead of imagining they have a vendetta against you).



  • Trying our hand at a homemade wind chime (thanks to our neighbor, Nancy, for some great starter pieces!)


  • Showing my younger brother the sites of Austin! Headed to the tattoo shop to get his first ink! (Kidding, Mom. Just wanted to see if you’re reading…and it’s just fun to mess with you) 🙂


  • Finding our little ladies, Teagan and Kylie, deep in their world of play and creation! It’s a wonder to see young minds at work!

Quote of the Week #10

Gabe loves to take his little girls (and his lady!) on good dates. He’s a real catch 😉

On his last date with Sweet Girl Teagan, he explained to her that one day boys are going to want to take her on dates like he does. To our surprise (and delight) she yelled, “No! I’ll be lonely if you’re not there!”

…that’s right, boys. Don’t even bother. Seriously. Just keep your beady little eyes and grubby paws to yourself for the next 25 years…or so. Then maybe we’ll talk.