What’s New This Week 12.2.13

Hi, friends! Well, how was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was something you were able to find the good and the thankfulness in. This year, ours was made up of a hodgepodge of sweet folks. Some we met for the first time as they walked through the door, but once we dug into our Breakfast … Continue reading What’s New This Week 12.2.13


What’s New This Week 11.27.13

Hi, friends! Tomorrow is the day! The whole month has been leading up to this. Thanksgiving. Let's make it a day about giving thanks (duh!)...but really. Let's not beat ourselves (or anyone else) up for not posting what we're thankful for any of the 27 days before. Don't fret over how ungrateful we'll once again … Continue reading What’s New This Week 11.27.13